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Logo Development for Body Alive

A little look behind the scene that shows how this logo was created.

To Cincinnati fitness studio “Body Alive” outgrew it’s original set up as a yoga studio. An expansion to offer more high energy fitness classes had already happened, but the original logo still said: we are a yoga studio (1). The outdated, over-used lotus needed to go, the orange/black color scheme needed to stay. The staff wanted a more dynamic look, reflecting the new direction. The first idea (2) was strong, but too masculine for a studio where more than 75% of the members are female. The second concept (3) was more playful, I still love it, but the type was still too angular. The focus shifted to trying different type in round 4 and 5. This led finally to constructing a custom type face (6) that could be “cut and glued” to build the final logo (7) as well as multiple logo’s for the different types of classes being offered. (8)

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